Friday, 11 May 2018

Paignton Zoo Part 4 - The cheetah

A lot of the children were asking about going to see the big cats.....which obviously was on our list of habitats/animals to visit! So now was the time.......

Arriving at the cheetah's habitat, we were greeted by a very tired cheetah who was doing a bit of sunbathing and not moving at all and it was very difficult to see her because she was hiding around the corner of the glass, just out of view!!

However, within seconds, she woke up!!!

Maybe she woke up because it was time for her to stretch her legs and actually had nothing to do with the fact that there were 60 children wanting to see her......

She began pacing up and down, going right out of view and then coming right up to the glass, which was totally amazing for all of our children to see!! Lots of discussion at this point on what the cheetah eats and how fast they can run!!!

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