Friday, 11 May 2018

Paignton Zoo Part 6 - The education centre

As part of our trip to the zoo, we were lucky enough to have a curriculum linked workshop! From the moment we walked in, our children were fully engaged and all we could hear was "wow" as they walked into the themed room. It was filled with artefacts and specimens which our children could not stop looking at and were trying to control their excitement! 

We started our workshop by sorting out fact cards on animals and putting them into the correct habitats. We discussed the different habitats (which we have also been learning about at school), and what we already know about them! 

After this first activity, we were given the task to discuss adaptations and how animals have adapted to live in specific habitats.

It was so interesting listening to the children discussing what animal/part of an animal they thought they had. Looking really closely to find examples of adaptations. We were then told a range of facts about some different animals.

Finally, we were given the chance to have a look around and look at the different specimens and artefacts................

Such an amazing opportunity for all of us to experience, the children were so engaged throughout and learnt so many new and interesting facts!!!

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