Thursday, 7 June 2018

Arts Week - Day 3 - We need an aquarium installed!!!!!!

WOW!!!!! What a day!!!!!!!! Not only did our day involve rather a lot of fish, it also involved......a dolphin, a stingray and a gigantic fish!!!!!!!

We were with Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Job today, and there is no better way to celebrate day 3 of Arts Week than to be part of the making and painting of some life size marine life!!!!!!!

When Miss Shears first came into the class (to take photos), we were sketching our fish. This was our first activity, all based on using different tones!!! Some of us even decided to draw turtles, jellyfish, dolphins and sharks!!!! (This is where we needed to use the ipads to make sure our sketches were accurate!!!!)

Mrs Hewitt was very pleased with our sketches, and how even though we completed this first activity really quickly, our end result was fantastic!!!!!!

Some of us even got the chance to see the dolphin................

Unfortunately, we haven't installed an aquarium into the resource room though!!!!!

Once we completed the sketches and used the tracing paper, we were ready to paint........

Another moment where Miss Shears thought we needed an aquarium............

Here we have a stingray and a very large fish being beautifully collaged by some of our children!!!!

As we came into the afternoon, some of us continued to finish their first activity, as well as collaging the stingray and enormous fish, whilst some of us began on the final task!!!!

We had a fantastic time today with Mrs Hewitt and Mrs Job!!!! We are now looking forward to our final day where we get to paint the pebbles which we have been rather over excited to do all week!!!!!!!!

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