Friday, 8 June 2018

Arts Week - Day 4 - How many pebbles?????

Today, on the final day of Arts Week (sad face), we were lucky to be back with Miss Shears, back in the comfort of our own classroom, and our own chairs, drinks bottles, pencils and knowing where everything is!!!! All week we have been watching the pebbles progress from looking as if Miss Shears has just glued them on a piece of wood, to being painted in so many different colours!! It was brilliant to come back every afternoon (about 3pm) to see the newly painted pebbles....however, today it was our turn!!!!

We started off by looking at lots of the designs of pebbles which Miss Shears had found, as well as looking around the classroom at all of the previously painted pebbles!!! Once we discussed the use of bright colours, and mixing the paint to create different colours, we began to design some of our very own pebbles!!

From the photos, you might be able to see that there were A LOT of pebbles which still needed painting, which meant we needed to make sure all eight of our designs were the very best they could possibly be, because today we were probably going to be painting more than one pebble!!!

Once the designs were finished and Miss Shears and Mrs Hall checked them, we began to sketch our design onto any of the pebbles! Here comes the exciting part.....the painting!!!!

We made sure that our pebble sketches were just as good as our designs!! At this point, we also realised that what Miss Shears had been saying all morning about 'keeping the design simple' was being said for a very good reason. She did say it about a million times, and now we know why!!!! It was so difficult to transfer our design onto the pebbles, even the really big pebbles, so at this point we sort of guessed that Miss Shears does know what she is talking about!!!!!

We got prepared for the painting, all wearing an apron, rolling up our sleeves, and making sure we had all of the colours we needed!! Now it was the moment of truth.....the painting can begin!!!!!!!!

By the end of the day, all of the pebbles has been painted, such a fantastic achievement by all of us and everyone else in the school!!! We could see how proud Miss Shears and Mrs Hall were of the fact that all of the pebbles had been completed, even to the point where they both sat down and had a moment to reflect on how hard everyone has worked this week!!

We have all had an amazing Arts Week, it has been really enjoyable, we have practised and learnt so many new skills and techniques, and we can't wait to see the whole school display when it's all completed.

A massive thank you to all of the teachers and teaching assistants who have allowed us to have such an amazing week!!!! WE HAVE ALL LOVED IT!!!!

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