Monday, 11 June 2018

What a brilliant EGG-CITING!!!!!!

This afternoon, during our PE lesson, we suddenly had to stop because our surprise had arrived!!!!!!!

At this point, no one knew what the surprise was and Miss Shears was still somehow managing to keep it a secret!!! 

We lined up on the playground and started to make our way back into school, where we were walking towards Mrs Hewitt's class......this was the point where we all realised something different was about to happen!!! 

As we walked into the classroom, we saw all of Mr Ward's and Mrs Hewitt's class huddled around the tables in the corner of the classroom....still very strange!!!

All of a sudden, a man started to talk (he was wearing a visitors badge so at this point we knew the teachers knew who he was, but we still didn't) Mrs Fellowes was holding her camera and as usual, so was Miss Shears!!!

The man started to ask us what it was he had put next to was an incubator!!!! He began to explain how we were going to be looking after some chicks over the next couple of weeks!! How exciting!! He opened an egg box and began to move the eggs into the incubator!!! Well where are the chicks??????????

He continued to explain to use how we were to look after them, and what we should expect over the next few days!! This was very exciting, and we could see how intrigued everyone was and how happy they all were for having this opportunity!!!

He continued to explain what we needed to do and showed us a huge poster of instructions and tips to help us through the process!!!

We also got the opportunity to ask a few questions which was brilliant, because we were all thinking.......Are they the same eggs we buy in the supermarket????

Keep checking back to see the progress of our chicks......hopefully this will include more photos, videos, time lapses and even maybe a live feed!!!!

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