Thursday, 5 July 2018

Buckfast Abbey - Storytelling Festival - Part 3 - Bob Hartman

For our final workshop at the Buckfast Abbey storytelling festival, we met Bob Hartman. Bob has written over 60 children's books and has been telling his stories for over 25 years. We were very lucky to be in this workshop.

Bob was absolutely hilarious, and lots of the children in our class were chosen to go up on to the stage and be part of his story. Here are some photos of Josh being a 'donkey' in one of the stories. Josh did some fantastic donkey noises and played the part so well.

We also had Lana and Leon up on the on the link below to the video of them both participating in the storytelling. 

Overall, we all had an AMAZING day and were so happy that we had the opportunity to be part of the festival. Apparently there were over 700 children there today with us....WOW!!!!! A huge thank you to all of our storytellers!!!

Buckfast Abbey - Storytelling Festival - Part 2.....Steve Stickley

For our second workshop at the Buckfast Abbey storytelling festival, we had the pleasure of listening to lots of stories by Steve Stickley who is a professional storyteller and has a very impressive background in drama. For this session, we teamed up with half of Mrs Hewitt's class and another school. 

This was another brilliant workshop which was full of participation for all of us. We were continuing to laugh and have lots of fun. Another fantastic part of our day. A huge thank you to Steve!!

Buckfast Abbey - Storytelling Festival - Part 1....Abimbola Alao

Today, we were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit Buckfast Abbey to take part in a storytelling festival. We were all very excited, the sun was shining and there was nothing better than spending the day listening to some new stories told by some famous authors!

After a very interesting bus journey, we arrived at Buckfast Abbey. Mrs Hewitt's class went off in one direction and we went off in another. As we started to get closer to a conference building, we noticed someone was standing outside smiling and waiting for us. 

It was Abimbola Alao. She is a well known performance story teller from Nigeria. At this point, we were even more excited!!!

After listening about Abi and using our geographical knowledge, the storytelling was about to start. At this point, Miss Shears was taking too many photos and getting distracted by Abi's published books.....some things never change!!!!!

Abi explained how one the main things about telling a good story is that of 'audience participation' this is the part where we come in!!!!

We continued to listen to lots of different stories and we helped tell them too but doing lots of actions. It was so much fun! We learnt a lot about morals and George even mentioned the word 'karma' which was spot on! 

It was the perfect start to our day, and we all really enjoyed it. Abi was absolutely amazing!!!!!!

A massive thank you to Abi for making our first storytelling workshop absolutely fantastic. Keep checking back to see our next blog with another famous storyteller......