Thursday, 5 July 2018

Buckfast Abbey - Storytelling Festival - Part 3 - Bob Hartman

For our final workshop at the Buckfast Abbey storytelling festival, we met Bob Hartman. Bob has written over 60 children's books and has been telling his stories for over 25 years. We were very lucky to be in this workshop.

Bob was absolutely hilarious, and lots of the children in our class were chosen to go up on to the stage and be part of his story. Here are some photos of Josh being a 'donkey' in one of the stories. Josh did some fantastic donkey noises and played the part so well.

We also had Lana and Leon up on the on the link below to the video of them both participating in the storytelling. 

Overall, we all had an AMAZING day and were so happy that we had the opportunity to be part of the festival. Apparently there were over 700 children there today with us....WOW!!!!! A huge thank you to all of our storytellers!!!

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