Friday, 28 September 2018

Where are the numbers?

This morning, to continue our learning on 5-digit numbers, we were tasked with hunting out all of the numbers Miss Shears and Mrs Hall had hidden around our classroom. Some we could see from where we were sitting, but most of the others we had to really search for. 

The aim of this activity was to find as many 5-digit numbers as possible and to represent them in different ways. This included: writing the number in words, showing the number on a place value chart and to partition the number.

It was so much fun! Every single one of us can read and write 5-digit numbers in a variety of different ways. 

We are looking forward to our next number hunt where hopefully we will be outside searching for 6-digit numbers!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Investigating our teeth

This afternoon, as part of our Science topic this term, we began to look at our teeth using mirrors. Miss Shears taught the names of the different types of teeth, and it was really exciting having a look in our own mouths to see these types.

We learnt about incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars as well as the functions of the teeth when we eat different food.

It was such a brilliant afternoon learning all about our teeth, and we looking forward to planning our investigation this half term. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Monday, 24 September 2018

REAL P.E. Lesson 2

Today in P.E. we continued to learn about a healthy active lifestyle and the things we could all do to ensure we live a healthy and active life. For our P.E. today we were looking at static balances and how whether we believe this or not, it's a very valuable skill to help us perform in a variety of sports. It was so much fun, especially when we got to challenge ourselves by making it even more difficult. Miss Shears taught us lots of different ways to help us balance (things that would distract us!)

It was so much fun, and we are already looking forward to next week's lesson!!!

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Maths at its BEST!!!!

As our topic this term in Maths is place value, we have been learning all about the value of a 4-digit and 5-digit number, using these to partition, write in words, and show using counters. We have further developed our knowledge of place value this week and Miss Shears thought today was the perfect time to deepen our learning. 

We were challenged to make four 4-digit numbers, which sounds easy, however, we had some rules we needed to follow. These were:
- The tens digit must be a 3
- The hundreds digit must be two more than the ones digit
- The four digits must have a total of 12

Miss Shears explained how this lesson was to help us to continue our understanding of place value and to express one of our whole school values of perseverance. 

We discussed the different possibilities with our Maths partners and used the place value counters to help us. 

Some quotes from children during the lesson were:

"This is difficult but I am enjoying the challenge." - Year 4
"I was so close with that number but I am determined not to give up!" - Year 5
"YES!!! I've found one of the numbers! I never thought I would do it!" - Year 4

Miss Shears was so proud of all us, we used everything we have learnt to solve this problem and we are looking forward to another challenge tomorrow!

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Noun Hunt - Learning Outside the Classroom

We all know that Miss Shears is always looking for ways to help us with our learning and to engage every single one of in each lesson......not an easy thing! However, Miss Shears explained that we were going on a 'noun hunt' - at this point, we all looked at each other and began to look around the classroom, when Miss Shears smiled and said "not in here though!" Another moment where we were confused because we had no idea where we might go! 

Miss Shears explained that we were going to hunt for nouns to help us create some expanded noun phrases (one of Miss Shears' favourite aspects of grammar), however there was no point doing this in the classroom because in our story we will not be writing about 'tables, whiteboard pens, chairs or pencils' and instead we are going to hunt for them on the field!

Once we were all on the field, Miss Shears asked us to use our 'Stone Age Eyes' and to look around at the different nouns we might have seen if we were living in the Stone Age.

We came up with so many different nouns, none of which included cars or metal railings, so Miss Shears was very happy!! She then asked us to describe these nouns using one adjective, however we were to use our senses to help us come up with even more exciting vocabulary!!

Once we had all described our nouns, we needed to make sure we remembered these ready for our follow up task in the classroom. Miss Shears put us into different groups and explained what an expanded noun phrase. We collated the nouns we had collected and then were left to create one expanded noun phrase in each group!

This was such a valuable lesson and it all started by Miss Shears being very random and taking us out on to the field. We all knew exactly what nouns were but not we can confidently create our very own expanded noun phrases. To help us in the future, we will always remember the 'noun hunt' on the field!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Stone Age Boy Freeze Frames

Today, we listened to our first narrative which we will be using to write our very own story on! It's called 'The Stone Age Boy' and as part of the process of us learning all about this story, we created freeze frames to help us retell the story. It was so much fun, very visual and definitely one of the best ways for us to remember each part of the story.

These are only a selection of the freeze frames, but they are some of the best ones. Just look at how much fun we are all having! It's safe to say that we are all really enjoying this story, and we can't wait for the writing process, especially the part where we get to change  the characters and settings and create our very own story!!

Monday, 17 September 2018

REAL P.E. Lesson 1

We all love P.E. in our class, and were excited this afternoon to be taking part in our first P.E. lesson as a whole class. 

Before we walked to the hall, Miss Shears asked us....."What does it mean to be healthy?" Some of our answers included:
- "Drinking a lot of water."
- "Eating the right food."
- "Being active."
- "Looking after ourselves."
- "Being happy."
- "Eating a nutritious diet."

Even though this is an enormous question, which Miss Shears explained we will be looking in to all of the different aspects of a healthy lifestyles throughout the term, Miss Shears said that we are going to focus on 'being active' for our P.E. lesson. 

Our Real P.E. topic for the term in called 'Being Healthy' and for the warm up were looking at the different relay races we could do, starting with the usual ones that we know and then developing into a creative relay race using different parts of our body.

We all continued to develop our team work skills, it was a really exciting P.E. lesson and we are looking forward to the next part of it!!

Welcome to the Stone Age

This morning, Mr Adams told Miss Shears that there were some 'things' in the hall that shouldn't be there and for our class to go and have a look at them. We were all very confused and had absolutely no idea what we were looking for because Mr Adams was very cryptic!!

We walked into the hall and began to look around, and before we knew it, we had found three ripped pieces of paper which looked very strange!!!!

Back in the classroom, we put them together and this is what we had in front of us...…….

As a whole class, we discussed what we could see and what we thought it was. We came to the conclusion that it was some kind of cave painting!!! Still confused as to why it was in our school hall, we continued to try and infer what the painting represented. We decided it showed people hunting with tools and weapons, as well as the fact they may not have used the paints we use but possibly the painting was created using blood and mud!

This was an amazing start to our Stone Age topic for the term!!

Next, we began to draw and sketch some pictures which represented our own lives....the twist in this was that we then had to work with a partner and have them work out what is important in our lives by only looking at our sketch.

From this activity, we learnt a lot of new things about everyone in our class as well as the fact that it was even more exciting not using words!!!

Such a brilliant start to our topic, we can't wait to see what else we are doing this term!