Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Bringing the Stone Age to life

We were very lucky today to have a Kate from Torquay Museum visit our class, with lots and lots of Stone Age artefacts which we all had a chance to hold, touch, smell and even wear!!!! 

It was an absolutely brilliant morning, we showed Kate how much we have learnt about life in the Stone Age and she taught us lots of new things too!!

Some quotes from children in our class:

"I really appreciated Kate coming in to see us with all those fantastic artefacts." - Ella-Rose
"It was so much fun!" - Josh
"I loved it so much!" - Courtney
"It was exciting!" - Aidan
"It was really amazing holding all of those tools!" - Izzy
"I really enjoyed it!" - George

Some more quotes from children in our class:

"I learnt a lot from Kate." - Holly
"I liked the part with the cow horn." - Frankie
"I enjoyed holding all of the different tools." - Natasha
"It was epic fun." - Amelie S
"I enjoyed holding all of the artefacts which were made thousands of years ago!" - Sienna
"I am so glad Kate could come in, it was incredible!" - Lucy
"I enjoyed holding the spear heads." - Daniel
"I really liked the shoes because they were so soft." - Laurie

Check out our next blog.....for our Stone Age fashion show!!!!!

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