Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Cave Paintings - Part 1

"This afternoon, Miss Shears came into the classroom holding tea bags and white paper, I wondered what on earth we were going to do!!?? Then Miss Shears explained how we needed to make our paper look really old and 'cave like' as if we were in the Stone Age." --- Henry

"It was very messy and we had to make sure we 'dabbed' it on the paper and didn't squeeze it because the tea bag would split!" --- Courtney, Calum, Bella

"We then began to create our very own cave paintings (just the sketches at this stage) so that we could practise and experiment what we would like to draw and paint for our final piece. However, there were some rules. We were not allowed to use the tables and chairs because in the Stone Age they did not have either of them!" --- Tom, Lucy, Amelie

"We all created some amazing cave painting sketches." --- George

It was brilliant fun and we all really enjoyed it!! We can't wait to paint our real cave art next week......keep checking back for more of our exciting activities!!!!

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