Thursday, 11 October 2018

Cave Paintings - Part 1

This afternoon, after taking responsibility to get our classroom ready, we began to create our cave paintings. As a whole class, we discussed the colours which were used as well as how we could create even more colours by mixing. Miss Shears showed us a few examples and we continued to explain how to make the colours lighter or darker. Miss Shears explained how the cave paintings from the Stone Age would always show a 'story' and would tell us something, which is how we know so much about life back then. Therefore, our cave painting needed to 'tell us something' which represented what life was like in the Stone Age.

It was so much fun mixing the paints and creating our own colours and then sharing these with everyone else in our class.

We all took nearly two hours to complete our painting which Miss Shears was very happy with because she wanted us to take our time, and to experiment mixing colours until we were certain which colours we would use.

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