Thursday, 4 October 2018

Cyclo-Cross at the Velopark

This morning, we had the opportunity to go to the Velopark and take part in a range of cycling activities. 

After the safety talk, and the explanation of each of the tasks, we were all set off into different groups. We were so excited to start cycling!!! First, we had to make sure we all had our helmets on correctly!

Once in our groups, we were set off onto different activities which involved: a cycling slalom through cones, a long distance cycle, and an activity to test our balance on the bike.

Quotes from some of the children:

"It was amazing!" - Chase
"It was brilliant, I learnt how to ride a bike and am so proud of myself." - Bella
"A good learning experience." - Rowan
"It was funny, because when Rowan tried to get on the bigger bikes, he jumped up, and then just fell on to the other side. He didn't hurt himself though. Her just laughed." - Laurie
"It was fantastic because I have never been to the Velopark." - Holly
"Phenomenal because I love cycling." - Leon
"It was rather challenging because they were not our own bikes which we weren't used to." - Amelie
"A great experience for Frankie to take the chain off and get Miss Shears covered in oil!!!!" - Rowan

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