Tuesday, 9 October 2018

It's HANDBALL time!!!

This afternoon, we got to learn a new sport...….HANDBALL!!! Some of us have played this at lunch time (just for fun) but never really learning the rules. Well in PE this afternoon, Miss Shears split us into 6 teams of 3 and we had a mini-competition. The only rules Miss Shears gave us were that we are only allowed to take 2 steps when we have the ball, and that it is a non-contact sport. Therefore, in order to get the ball, we needed to intercept and make sure we were marking our opponents! Miss Shears let us play for about ten minutes so that we could get used to these rules...…

It was brilliant fun just having the chance to play the sport, and it was even better how it was like a summer's day out on the lower playground. Miss Shears brought us all together and we discussed the skill of 'passing' - and we were introduced to the different passes: overhead, shoulder, underarm, chest and bounce pass. Miss Shears challenged us to use a range of these within our next mini-game.

We all had the chance to try out the different throwing techniques in a range of different game situations. Miss Shears' next challenge was to 'speed' the game up, so instead of taking two steps with the ball and then stopping to look around to see who to throw it to.....by the time we had taken the second step we needed to have thrown the ball. Now this does sound easy....in theory!!! However, it required all of us to make sure we were 'ahead of the game' and knew exactly who we were going to pass the ball to. This also required every member of our team to make sure they had found space on the handball court and it really helped to develop our teamwork skills even more. 

We all had so much fun playing this new sport and we can't wait to play it again. We all worked exceptionally well in our teams and Miss Shears was so very proud of everything we achieved this afternoon. She is already talking about organising a whole class handball tournament.

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