Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Stone Age FASHION SHOW!!!!

As part of our visit from Torquay Museum, some of us got the opportunity to wear some Stone Age was brilliant fun to watch everyone in our class having so much fun and learning even more about what life was like in the Stone Age.

"Scientifically brilliant." - Rowan
"I really liked it. Thank you so much Kate." - Callum
"Such a great experience." - Isobel
"Everything was so interesting because I can't believe that the Stone Age people made it and now we got to hold it!!" - Summer

"It was the best ever!!!" - Laila
"I like holding the spear heads, it was really cool." - Chase
"It was amazing." - Kiki
"How they did it....I really don't know!!!! Wow!!" - Amelie Y

"I thought it was really amazing." - Noah
"I really enjoyed it." - Henry
"Thank you Kate!" - Mylee
"All the stuff was really cool." - Bella

We all had an absolutely fantastic morning, and would like to say an enormous thank you to Kate and Torquay museum....we all LOVED IT!!!!!

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