Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Making our own FISH

This morning, as part of our English learning, Miss Shears introduced us to instructional texts. We have all learnt about instructions in previous years, however, this time, Miss Shears was helping us to develop the vocabulary we use when following instructions. All of this will help us to write our very own set of instructions. More specifically, Miss Shears gave us the chance to explore and up-level the 'bossy verbs' which we will be using....this was very interesting and challenging, but we were all up for it!!!

After discussing the features of an instructional text together and giving examples of where we have seen instructions before, we were given the task to follow specific instructions to make our very own paper plate fish.....

We don't think any of us expected our fish to look as good as they did...Miss Shears was very proud of what we all achieved. Here are some of our finished fish.....

We loved following the instructions and are really looking forward to our next English lesson, continuing with instructional texts.

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